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Many Shapes & Sizes

Customize your LEC panels to any shape and size, up to 36-inches by 72-inches. Choose virtually any shape. You can even get shapes with inset cut-outs!

RGB Inspire EL panels are custom engineered to meet your specifications. We build your display panels to accommodate for your wiring needs, unique dimensions, and intended applications.

NO Heat Emission

Back-lit LEC panels remain at room temperature.
Unlike fluorescent and LED lighting, LEC technology runs

LEC involves a process by which phosphorus molecules are sandwiched in an electric field that causes a luminescence each time the phosphor travels between substrates.

This process does not cause a thermal reaction, so the panels remain cool at all times.


You’ve never seen a lighting unit so flexible. Back-lit EL panels easily roll-up, like poster board, for convenient transportation. This quality, also, enables you to design immersive 3-D displays to engage your audience.

Unlike traditional display lighting, EL panels are made of a highly-flexible substrate, which retains the original shape – regardless of temperature factors.

Just roll it up, and roll it out. 
Can you say, “low-maintenance”?

Very Thin

Laminated EL panels measure 0.012 inches thick. Smaller than the tip on a ballpoint pen. Laminated EL panels measure 0.034 inches thick.

Add sound-dampening foam backing for walls and ceiling displays – even with the foam padding, it’s still thinner than a comparable LED panel! You can even add floor mat traction to panels meant for walking displays. Back-lit EL panels are  both thin and durable enough for foot traffic.

The sound dampening is designed to mask the inherent harmonic that the EL panel generates (high pitch buzz). The low density foam backing for applications excluding floor mats masks this unwanted sound significantly.

Easy Installation

How many ways can you install back-lit EL panels? Just about, any-which-way you can imagine.

Use hook & loop, grommets, glue, staples, screws – install EL panels however you want. The panels remain functional, even, when punctured by fastening hardware. Even, sew panels into/onto fabric.


Laminated back-lit EL panels are strong enough to walk all over. They are ideal for using as luminescent floor mats. Needless to say – they are built to withstand prolonged heavy usage. RGB Inspire EL panels retain a lifespan with an average of 25,000 to 45,000 operational hours. Increase the longevity of your panels by using transformers with a built-in rheostat. A non-slip high density foam backing can even be added.

Standard Power Sources

Display panels are ready to plug-in to any standard 120-volt wall outlet. Back-lit EL panels come with an inverter that corresponds to the surface area. The larger the surface area of the panel, the higher wattage output is required.

Standard inverters feature three output settings. Choose between constant, slow-flash, or fast-flashing light. Some models include a dimmable feature, to manually control the panel’s brightness output.


Choose, between panels designed for single-event or multiple event programming. Single event panels display a static graphic, while, multiple event panels enable the display to switch between programmed graphics.

Multi-event panels depict movement and the passage-of-time. Imagine, all the ways you can spread your message! This is audience engagement, for the 21st century.